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Basically new rookie groups are being called “fake” idol groups. For example, TXT is being called the “fake BTS”. It doesn’t make any sense. Because, BTS’s and TXT’s type of style is different.Yeonjun https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/82dd04ab914d4e30b230ac59735fc1c6eda6334277806290444e2b6741c1e577.jpgAhh you’re right, I actually got the information from somebody else and I just checked it. Thank you for pointing it out and I’m sorry for the mistake!

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With all due respect, I never said anything about Kai being Brazilian. I said what you just did: he can’t speak Portuguese because his uncle said so. I’m honestly sorry that you have to deal with this mess as the author of the page though, it’s frustrating.and KARD’s J.seph’s real name is the exact same as V (Kim Taehyung) but like what’s wrong with having the same/similar names tf is that even a reason to hate on someone?That why he so popular,im 95 liners and i dont know what with this kid,too cute at same time so handsomehttps://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6ca1a13ae8560ee09259895043025794a25cfab8aec4efcd34a718e47b4800a3.jpg

“An ear piercing” is the correct usage grammar-wise. Please, do your research before posting things like this.Beomgyu and Taehyun are in the same year since he entered school a year late for their debut preparations. (TALK X TODAY EP 4 1:00)

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  1. Also, Kai’s uncle has confirmed he doesn’t speak Portuguese and that Kai is in fact, NOT Brazilian.
  2. Its ok,as a fans we need to make something positive for him(yeonjun).. I believe yeonjun was so in love us,lets stan him togetherXforever ok🙂
  3. Hueningkai is probably very talented since he’s the only BigHit to debut from a global audition (I think he did global audition, not sure though). But the clips I found weren’t excactly, how should I say this,… spectacular. I only found some of him playing these instruments as a 10 y/o or something like that so I probably shouldn’t base my opinion off of that. So far, he didn’t really prove to me that he actually has talent but it’s a logical thing to say that he should be at least an average main vocalist (which requires a lot of talent already) since he will be debuting in a group of one of the biggest companies at the moment. I guess we’ll just wait and see what they can serve us.
  4. HueningKai IS THE VISUAL! That’s it! FACTS! Just look at this face https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b1517b98eacd2967614cd9fb35c010f7302337aa0bd1bd8885b030a80de01099.jpg

bighit said that they don’t have positions like visuals.. txt said so in one interview. They have a leader and two maknaes.. and they’re all vocals and dancers I guess, and it depends on the song.Not all, but you can use your common sense to tell the one that has potential. Bighit will let all of them shine at a certain time.korean standards don’t really matter that much anymore. Kai has the most perfect face so he is the visual. Look at seventeen, Vernon doesn’t fit the korean standards yet he is one of the visuals in the group soin Kai’s profile where you put he played the drums and flute you forgot to put he also plays guitar and piano!! so please edit it

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I think both are gonna be main vocal since they both have almost the same amount of lines ( although I like Kai’s voice more ).. but Kai is also a rapperYou guys huening kai and taehyun are hot right now the rating in kprofile doesn’t even matter (It doesn’t justifiy who is the most ‘popular’) the’re thousands of txt maknae line lovers they are pretty loved in my town so please find proof (somewhere not on kprofile) that says huening kai and taehyun aren’t famous everyone is still talking about the half east asain half american guitar piano and vocal god and about the Handsome confident AMAZING DANCER with a stunning voice taehyun (Am not trying to say your wrong to believe they might be underrated here but don’t let one place make you think they are not popular and that they don’t look like snacks)They both seem to share this position !!! Ja that in Crow Kai and Taehyun they make adlibs and they are with refrão !! Just look at the tracks on the album. In Blue Orange, Kai dominates the whole song (along with Yeonjun) In Cat dog he dominates the music again along with Yeonjun In Our summer Taehyun took the whole chorus dominating the song In Nap of star the song went to Soobin and Taehyun. And in Crow Kai and Taehyun they divide the chorus and make adlibs in the songKai : Main vocalist, Makane. Taehyun : Lead vocalist. Beomgyu : Lead rapper, Lead dancer, Vocalist, Centre, Visual. Soobin : Leader, Main rapper, Lead dancer, Vocalist. Yeonjun : Main dancer, Lead rapper. (iguess:)No, only 2, that’s why I have it as Possible Position. Soobin has been confirmed leader and Kai is obviously the maknae.

Yeonjun has some angle that he looks like Teahyung (V). I don’t know if it’s just me or what. Kekeke Anyway, let me know what you guys think.no it’s not, Big Hit hasn’t announced TXT’s fandom name. Star would be a cute name for the fans tho but Sistar’s fans are called Star1 I think so I’m pretty sure we can’t have similar fandom name with another fandom.

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Guys, I have no idea how you want me to do this. I got yelled at for having him as half American and now I’m getting yelled at for having him as half German. And people are telling me to put him as German-Brazilian when Kai wasn’t even BORN in Brazil, he as BORN in the Hawaii, USA. Kai’s dad is Brazilian by nationality…not ethnicity. Kai was NOT born in Brazil and is NOT Brazilian, his uncle confirmed this already. He is half Korean and half German.I wanna let everyone know once again, the heights, weights, positions, birthdays, and blood types aren’t confirmed yet. I will update them when they are said by BigHit.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAGvEOxiHXY this link right here is a video where Taehyun said that they decided to have no positions and decides to divide the parts according to who matches the theme or music style

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  1. Taehyun is from Gangnam. Soobin’s friend said ‘he is really silly & a good friend. His skills are good too. He takes care of everything important & looks after everyone from the bottom of his lovely heart.’
  2. Soobin : Leader, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist Yeonjun : Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Vocalist Beomgyu : Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Center Taehyun : Main/Lead Vocalist Huening Kai : Main/Lead Vocalist, Visual, Maknae
  3. You say Beomgyu has good vocals yet you were hating on him on a comment above. Either love all 5 equally or keep out oof the fandom.
  4. I think some people are fetishizing the fact that Kai is half white, but I guess that’s just me

2- YEONJUN https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1b98706b09394da0401542ef041dcc97c81fae8cd5b7b634496e84f736b519ab.jpgGuys, Stan TXT For their Hardwork, not because it is a group of Bighit. They haven’t even debuted you guys already started staning them… I also like them , but I don’t stan them yet. If you stan them before debut, then what is the fault of other kpop groups that are not popular?? Please Stan them but for their hardwork.but in bts jhope is our golden hyung too.,but in txt i thing taehyun and kai just normal..not golden,sorry for saying that,im not haters but yeah just like that,btw im BEOMGYU BIG FANS,please please and please vote for him too okk

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Kpop Girl Group Profiles Kpop Boy Group Profiles Kpop Polls Kpop Quizzes Kpop – Who wore it better? Kpop Ships Kpop Facts Kpop Discographies SuggestionsSoobin isn’t my bias first of all, and second of all, Yeonjun says he’s a powerful dancer, meaning that Soobin is also a dancer.Then y u say something bad to them,girl u just make yourself stupid here,and im not hurt,u always say that..so second proof is you are the one who hurt here😂😉😊

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Lmao why is Taehyun so unappreciated? He was my bias from the moment I set my eyes on him and the moment I heard his voice in CROWN.Your own bias said that they have no official position so stop comparing their skills because they’re all in the same level, okay? Sure everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it doesn’t mean you have to put down another member to bring the other up. This kind of comment would just cause another debate so please just stop.


无限小说网提供各种热门全本小说,各种TXT全集电子书免费下载,每日有更新,各种小精品! 请记住我们的域名:WWW.555X.ORG Kai isn’t Brazilian though, it’s not even in his ethnicity. Brazilian is his dad’s Nationality, but not his ethnicity. His dad’s ethnicity is German.

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Hueningkai’s favourite global artist is Bruno Mars and out of all the songs he likes “Just The Way You Are” and “Grenade” the most. One of Yeonjun’s favourite songs is “Paris In The Rain” by Lauv. Source: TXT’s first vlive.https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6fa4e07a13ce9d2ad595028d7bd164ff0fed435726dd81bf7ea6b3f2f108c2d1.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9833b94afadf22659dce8b916d5807b13dd199aa1befce4aeaa8f23dea19c4af.png Either of the two has incorrect information regarding birth year.

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It’s different, BigHit does not have a reputation for having multiple groups. SM, JYP and YG have had multiple artists and groups for a long time. So stans of those labels are accustomed to new groups debuting, because it’s only natural for such a large company. Plus, BTS is a lot bigger internationally than any other group, so there are bound to be more toxic fans in general who can’t accept change. In fact, it’s hardly “change” just another addition really.Sorry if I’ll offend some of you but can you just love them all equally? Like, why bother saying someone is not a dancer, rapper, vocalist, I thought you’re their fans but you didn’t seem like one. Stop being so toxic. If you can’t support, respect and love all 5 of them, then just don’t be their fan. They don’t deserve this kind of toxicity. Stop this nonsense, stop spreading negativity and hate.ok someone agree with me in this taehyun is like taehyung without the g https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/284a1cf00a48ec319fa16e49f505673e554ddbe2887f7c5b69ed83099b871eaa.jpgTaehyun is a maknae, and Kai is THE maknae. Taehyun is IN the maknae line, but Kai is the real maknae since he is 6 months younger than Taehyun. So KAI is the maknae!

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First Impressions: They’re all super cute Soobin looks kind of like Haruto from YGTB Yeonjun looks kind of like Sanha from ASTRO Beomgyu is CUTEEE Huening Kai is so hard to say but omg hes so cute Taehyun’s eyes are literally looking into my soulI honestly feel so bad that BigHit won’t debut girl trainees anymore. But, it’s understandable after what has happened in the past. But, BigHit should see that some girl trainees who would probably want to train/debut under them aren’t like that. But, I still understand as to why BigHit has trust issues with girl trainees. But, that’s just my opinion.

don’t be rude, I think about nacionality about Hueningkai it’s unknown and religion this is irrelevant in Korea so they don’t speak about this I thinkI can’t choose. . . Not that that’s a bad thing, it only means I’ll have twice as hard a time learning the members because I don’t have anywhere to start.could be too but yeonjun did some visible mistakes and because this reason i feel he is less than taehyun but we are not profissional to know also they all have talents and each one is better in their own way

Taehyun is the maknae and he’s full name is “Lee Taehyun”. One of the members said in his diary post, “Last but not least, our youngest Tae Hyun Lee’s birthday!”I’m not ot1 or hater and for me Soobin really suits the Center position. His heights, his body measurements… When I saw him on stage i feel satisfied..Like the aura of other boy group centers??? Mmm It really should have been given to him i think Bighit couldn’t do things right…..Hey in Soobin’s info the part about him and grammar, I’d take out the Nazi thing because that is 1 not something that need to be affiliated with his name. And 2 offensive to those with either a Jewish background or someone who’s against it. Basically that just wasn’t a good word choice.the korean fans ( which were the first people who revealed the list of the member’s names ) stated that Kai was visual and main vocal. But Big Hit hasn’t confirmed anything themselves yetI still don’t see your reasoning in Soobin dancing fast… if he really danced fast it would be really obvious, at least to me he didn’t stick out like a sore thumb, he kept to the pace and beat. In my opinion Soobin looks clean when he dances, I’m no expert but I can see all of his movements when he dances, maybe if you just paid enough attention to him as you did to Yeonjun and Beomgyu you would see that he’s not just dancing fast. And your last point is confusing.

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  1. It doesn’t make sense to put half-American since it’s just a nationality. Unless he has dual citizneship, then he is American and his ethnicity is half Korean and half German.
  2. I’m not deleting them just because you want me to. K-Profiles doesn’t have a problem with it, and neither does anyone else, only you dear.
  3. Soobin is the main vocal,no txt will distroy,big hit need to change that positions,taehyun is the main vocals not that kid
  4. Well, these aren’t their official heights. They aren’t officially introduced to us yet, so we don’t really know much about their basic information such as height, weight, ideal type, etc.
  5. 2002 is indeed the year of Horse, but the Chinese new year starts later than the normal calendar year, so only in the end of February Taehyun is born in 5 February 2002 when the year of Horse didn’t start yet, cause it only started at the end of February please use a Chinese Zodiac calculator (especially for the idols born in January or February) https://www.chinahighlights.com/travelguide/chinese-zodiac/chinese-zodiac-calculator.htm#goCheck

TXT Members Profile: TXT Facts, TXT Ideal Type TXT (투모로우바이투게더) is a 5-member boy group under BigHit Entertainment. The group consists of: Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening.. If u r army u will know people say BTS r overrated nd some hates them but it doesn’t matters they r just jealous because their fav artist r not like them still the BTS r no.1 boyband in the world today Yeonjun is the most popular people say he is overrated it doesn’t matter he is so talented and popular so obviously he will have haters too.So don’t worryIs it me or Yeonjun smile is just so cute and perfect?. I try watching the video again and again coz the smile is just 😢, i dont like k-pop but i love k-drama. I think this is the first k-pop group that got my attention. 😊so ur saying yeonjun isnt a main dancer? and isnt the main rapper? sorry but i’d rather believe that pigs can fly than believe this ^


  1. the main dancers made less mistakes than the others. memorize choreographies? tho but only the yeonjun had made a mistake? not a main dancer maybe because I have never seen a main dancer who forgot the choreography or he should shared position with someone
  2. Sadly, Kai’s parents are not together anymore. His father remarried someone at 2016 named Anne Caroline
  3. ok- people, please calm down about the maknae thing. What Taehyun meant about being the “maknae”- he didn’t really mean that he was the eldest. He meant that he is in the maknae LINE. Kai is the actual maknae and is the youngest. This has made some people confused, so there it is
  4. While Taehyun and Kai are born in the same year, 2002, Kai is the youngest because of his birthday being in August as opposed to Taehyun who was born in Feburary 🙂
  5. Beomgyu is their center. You can easily recognize it through the mv, their position when making an interview, and the thumbnail on many award shows.
  6. Their could be other rappers, but BigHit hasn’t confirmed any positions. Yeonjun might be main rapper

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  1. I think that Soobin is the visual because he caught so much attention of their fans with his visual and even make nicknames for him such as pure and clear visual, but… all of them are visuals also O_o
  2. nooo it doesn’t go by year. year of the snake starts in jan. 24, 2001 and ends in feb 11, 2002. so technically speaking, taehyun’s Chinese sign is snake
  3. what annoys me is on most kpop groups they dont have as much information under the name unlike txt who have alot more when there just as good as loads of otherkpop groups
  4. Rumor is that it’s Kai, when the visual gets confirmed, then it will be changed. Right now the positions are unconfirmed, that’s why it says “possible position”.
  5. I don’t get why soobin is listed as a rapper. He hasn’t even rapped in any of the five songs. The only one I know who rapped was Yeonjun and Kai. (i’m not hating. just wondering)

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  1. OMG Binnie with Bunny i have a sweetness attack 😻😻🐇🐇 i cant stay calm this just a so cuteee🐰😍😍😍
  2. Do you even know the meaning of a “wide nose”? Lol you dumb bish. Oh wait let me tell you another FACT! Kai is also more popular than Beumgyu!! And cuter! Haha
  3. he’s a rapper and singer and dancer but the thing is there is no official positions as it changes every cb like in Crown lead rapper Yeonjun in the Cat&Dog is not lead but its Beomgyu. (the positions are yet to be confirmed)
  4. Oh my god, I still can’t believe that Soobin is taller than RM lmao😂 Wait…YEONJUN IS TALLER THAN HIM ALSO?!?

In Taehyun‘s first-ever Twitter greeting, he referred to himself as “lovely maknae Taehyun”, shocking fans everywhere.Before anyone attacks me, I based their heights off of the group photo…I’ll replace the heights when the real ones are revealed…these are more of the ideal heights…Soobin is definitely 6’0″ and Yeonjun seems pretty close to his height but a few cm shorter, so I stuck him at 6’0″ as well. Beomgyu seems to be 5’10” and so does Huening Kai since he’s the same height and then Taehyun seems shorter, so I stuck I’m at the lowest cm you can go for 5’9″My Picks: Soobin: Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist Yeonjun: Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Vocalist, Center? Beomgyu: Lead Vocalist, Center? Taehyun: Main Vocalist Hueningkai: Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, MaknaeDepend chinese calendar start in 2001 feb and go until feb 11 2002 snake sign so help fix it another profilesNamjoon of BTS is 181 cm and is 5’11”. 181.5 cm is half an inch taller than Namjoon making it 5’11”

1. 개요2. 유명한 동화3. 각색4. 동화가 아닌 것이 동화가 된 예5. 목록. 5.1. 동화 작가들5.2. 나무위키에 등재된 동화들. 5.2.1. 근대 이전5.2.2. 현대5.2.3. 동화를 소재로 한 작품. 4. 동화가 아닌 것이 동화가 된.. Hmm… I guess you are that butthurt that I’m complimenting a member of TXT, and saying that I’m making people down? There wasn’t even an ounce of hate in my comments.No idea why visual is even considered an actual position. I get it if you mean sort of the “poster member” of the group but isn’t visual insinuating the most attractive or something? If it is, I’m pre sure looks are based on personal preference so doesn’t make too much sense lmaosoobin: leader, lead vocalist, lead rapper, lead dancer, visual (i’m pretty sure,he is in the visual line knetizens said that)Another mistake in “Taehyun facts” is the word “karaoke”. In the profile it was spelt as “kareoke”. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/71724bd375f8b6c6c223c711f33e0da67bf0e95857aafaf99218c65d4a0739cf.jpg

4 member knows how to speak english and soobin is learning. taehyun knows english than you he use to be in aan educational video to learn englishIn the MV, why do I feel Soobin looks like Jungkook? I mean, one time, I see Soobin, and then, I see Jungkook, then, I see Minhyuk. This is so weird.

This is the Yeonjun that I found:https://www.instagram.com/p/Bsf0WgVBZBO/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=pgoi8w3evthp (I know the teacher cuz we used to be “friends”.Everyone can make mistakes. I think Beomgyu is the main dancer cause I really love his style and find him best at dancing. Not for Yeonjun made a mistakeThe ranking in these pages doesn’t determine the “least popular” lol. Look at Itzy’s page, the moat voted is Ryujin but the most popular ao far are Yeyi and Yuna! So this poll doesn’t really matter! Don’t be sad. I believe when they debut Taehyun and Kai will become the most popularI feel like Kai is taller than 181 cm. He looks much taller than Yeonjun already. I’ll just wait till Big Hit updates their profiles.

but Kai’s features are more refined and unique ( looks like a doll ). so maybe that’s why big hit put him as the visual•Taehyun’s favourite track from the album is blue orangeade because the melody is delightful and he loves the lyrics. •Yeonjun’s favourite track is Cat&Dog because he loves HipHop. •Huening Kai’s favourite track is Crown because the melody and lyrics are good. •Beomgyu’s favourite track is Nap of a Star because he loves playing the guitar. •Soobins favourite track is Our summer because the lyrics and melody are really cool and beautiful. •Yeonjun and Beomgyu both love HipHop •Soobin said he wants to sing with Bebe Rexha because he is a big fan of her.

App-ads.txt is a plain text file hosted on the domain of the app developer's website to identify the authorized digital sellers. This method allows advertisers to trust that they are buying authentic app.. -Netizens think Yeonjun look like a Yoon Jisung from Wanna One (source allkpop) -Taehyun and Beomgyu close to 1THE9’s Jinsung. (source Noryangjin fansign) Please add thisFor real! This pisses me off so much. Like, first of all, it was bound to happen that Big Hit would come out with a new boy band, so they can’t get mad. And obviously TXT is blowing up right now, since they are a new group in one of the biggest companies right now, so Big Hit is obviously going to put more time into TXT for their debut. But, how is BTS being neglected?I already got the Twitter and techinically him and Kai are both maknae’s because they are both born in 2002, but Kai is the actual maknae of the group.

I’ve been told by the owner of the site to not update positions until BigHit says something. There aren’t any set positions anyways, Taehyun has said so. The main vocal/main rapper/lead rapper/lead vocal or whatever, changes every comeback/songThe main vocalist is only ‘Taehyun’, and the visual is only ‘Beomgyu’ , and isn’t there any lead rapper? it can’t be 2 main vocalists & 2 lead vocalist!Heuningkai describes himself as random and cool He is very stiff He can play the piano and was interested in music since a young age and wanted to inspire people from it-Have distinctive looks that set them apart (Kai has the most unique features. You’ll know its Kai at one look even if you’re a non fan. Also Yeonjun had a distinctive looks too. I’ve been confused who is who between Beomgyu, Soobin and Taehyun at first. Their looks are not that different and their faces doesn’t registered automatically in your mind. You might forget how they look like easily which is causing you confusion. You had to see them more often to see the differences between them.)Mark my words, Kai is gonna turn out to be the main vocalist (or one of the main vocalists). And Taehyun is definitely main or lead.

Editar Texto EdiPad Online Txt Text Editor Wordpad https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/de7dff75d6fb2290276b07746d6850d2ab8c6e585d559a8e87ae7f03e4e0c7a2.jpgdamn Jassica. im so sorry these people are tryna get at you, good on u for keeping it mature. theres really no point in replying to hardcore angry teenagers.THE WAY I SCREAMED WHEN I SAW THAT KAI IS ALSO POLISH IN SOME WAY i’ve never met a k-idol that is related to my country

not really.. taehyun is the year of the snake because chinese near year doesnt start till 18th of febuarySRT is a lyrics file format generated by the SubRip software. Lines of songs are preceded by a range of time (start to end) during which the lyrics line appears on the song.oh. i was just confused cause the first statement said “Txt is a 5 member boygroup under bighit”.

Cuz the best positions that he can be just a leader,too overrated to say he be “main” here,its too hard to be main compare leaderOh that will be better just like loona which they can showcase their talent and all of them can be main vocal/dance/rap/visual/center/FOTG…honestly I think they’re both going to be main vocalists, and either Beumgyu or Soobin will be lead. because there’s a lot of kpop groups out there that have 2 main vocalists, ir doesn’t necessarily have to be only oneKais uncle confirmed his background. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/87d55f382ec8b95d3b43e27c962eb369534c613b48e78c506843fde576c88b8b.png

Unofficial Height and Weight Choi Soobin: 184cm, 65kg* Choi Yeonjun: 178cm*, 60kg* Choi Beomgyu: 178cm*, —- Kang Taehyun: 179cm*, —- Huening Kai: —-, —-Soobin: Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist Yeonjun: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist Beomgyu: Lead Vocalist, Center Taehyun: Main Vocalist HueningKai: Main Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Maknaesources : https://twitter.com/soobinous/status/1117768287184515072 https://twitter.com/soobinous/status/1117778144012881920

The first foreign country he went to was the Philippines. That is where he also got his first guitar that was given by his father.I think I’m the only one who thinks none of them look like other idols ! Of course, this maybe solely based on my opinion but I don’t see their resemblance and I am also confused because I saw a post that HueningKai’s birthday is on August 24th but this one it says it’s on August 14th, which one is it really?Daily reminder that these should be the updated positions: Soobin – Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer Yeonjun – Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Vocalist Beomgyu – Lead Vocalist, Center Taehyun – Main Vocalist HeuningKai – Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper, Visual, MaknaeAccording to his uncle though, Kai can’t speak Portuguese but people on his dad’s side (including his dad) can unless it was proven otherwise and I just didn’t hear about it 😂No 🤔 I think Taehyun is the maknae because the members called him the maknae for his bday in their tweets and he called himself that too. If Huening Kai was the maknae wouldn’t he have addressed himself as the maknae already? His birthday was probably before they released the teasers and created the twitter accounts, so early January, probably before the 10th. We really can’t confirm that any of their bdays, for example, people said Taehyun’s was in April but it’s actually in February…These are just my thoughts.

i love their song veryyyy much…. and i’m also happy they are with BTS i’m very happy very much….. the have brothers now … it’s make me feel so happy …. also ther are very beautiful i can’t believe my eyes … how can they be soooo beautiful like thisBe smart..don’t even trust views that proof your bias no 1,even my bias beomgyu,but I’m trust that yeonjun no1,I like them both,even beomgyu say his fav hyung is yeonjun,so back to point,be smart ok😉

it’s probably just me but soobin kind of looks like a mix of nct jaehyun and nu’est/w1 minhyun idkthey look like a cute concept boy group which makes me hurl but im feeling the amount of rapper whoop!

Do you have a textbook or some kind of journal from which you need to get the text, but you have no time to print it yourself?We only know they’re a visual group so far. You can’t tell if they’re talented yet.TXT have signed with Republic Records. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/txt-different-us-label-bts-fierce-rivals/Ele nasceu no Hawaii, então a nacionalidade dele é americana independente de onde os pais dele nasceram. O próprio pai dele dele se tiver nascido no Brasil vai ter nacionalidade brasileira independente de ser de família alemã. E ele deve ter conseguido uma dupla cidadania na Coreia do Sul, por isso que ficou Americano e Coreano.I swear it was said that Soobin is a vocalist? Actually tbh, none of the positions except leader have been confirmed…

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